Youth Offenders

Youth offenders are influenced by inappropriate learning skills, environmental instability and/or peer pressure that encourages them to make irresponsible decisions. We offer. them a second chance and guidelines to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Apologize for mistakes
  • Make things right


While the primary goal is to avoid negative behavior in the first place, the next best choice is to use negative beginnings to achieve positive outcomes. The ultimate goal is to prevent repeat offenses because the offender has achieved a deeper understanding of how his/her behavior affects other people rather than fear of punishment. Growth in character and compassion through restorative justice practices offers offenders new skills for making better choices in the future.

Communities that have set up programs and have trained community leaders, along with community support to build processes into their systems  have found that utilizing venues and resources already in place has led to cost effective, cohesive and fluid restorative processes that have resulted in high rates of victim satisfaction reduced typical recidivism rates among juvenile offenders by greater than 50% in national studies.

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