What can you expect from implementing restorative programs?

  • Improvement in the overall school environment that decreases stress and increases learning.
  • Emphasized values of empathy, respect, honesty, acceptance, responsibility, and accountability.
  • Prevention of and the ability to deal with conflict before it escalates.
  • Effectively addressing behavioral and other complex school issues.
  • Improvement in safety by preventing future harm.
  • Alternatives to suspension and expulsion.
  • Increase in social skills such as conflict resolution and critical thinking which can be valuable for students as they enter college, seek employment, build families and communities.

Are you comfortable with the status quo?  Are your expectations high enough?  Do you often wish you had an alternative to discipline instead of feeling pushed into a corner to either suspend or expel for infractions?  How can you make a difference?

A goal without a plan is just a wish.  So perhaps it’s past time to re-evaluate your goals for conflict resolution that emphasize the correct values with a restorative justice plan.  We’re here to help.

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