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Our experienced restorative practitioners come to your school and work with your students and staff on a wide range of issues which can include:

  • Re-integration Counseling – helps students returning from out-of-school placements achieve success
  • Restorative Circles – enhance relationships among students-staff and resolve problems
  • Individual and Family Counseling – including drug and alcohol counseling
  • Restorative Conferences – involving those affected by serious incidents in repairing harm, restoring relationships and changing future behavior
  • Family Group Decisions making (FGDM) Conferences – involve teenage students and families in developing plans to address recurring behavior and other problems
  • Student Workshops – fun and engaging way to introduce restorative practices to students and help them become invested in improving their school culture
  • Parent Workshops  - parents understanding the school’s initiative
  • Network with peers at myKCRJ

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