What happens when conflict is already taking place?  It’s too late for early intervention and prevention methods.  Zero-tolerance policies are normally what you have turned to in the past.  However, the American Psychological Association (APA) found that zero tolerance policies in use throughout U.S. school districts have not been effective in reducing violence or promoting learning in school. Their report called for a change in these policies and indicated a need for alternatives, including restorative practices such as restorative justice conferences.  So what do you do now? 

KCRJ offers consulting to teachers and administrators on a variety of topics,  including the use of conferences.  We have experience and training to  help guide you through change.  We understand the issues you face.  Building a positive culture in your school that engages you and your staff in the process will enable you to reach your goals.  You can expect to learn positive management techniques to:

  • Address bullying
  • Deal with gang issues
  • Develop social and emotional skills through restorative approaches
  • Review behavior management policies
  • Enhance young people’s voice: peer mediation, mentoring and school council
  • Reduce exclusions from classroom and school
  • Re-integrate young people effectively after exclusion from classroom and/or school
  • Creative conflict management
  • Reduce the need for guns, knives and other weapons among young people

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