School Personnel Training

The Kentucky Center for Restorative Justice Personnel are trained stewards of restorative justice practices. Our staff regularly attends restorative justice training events and conferences to further our skills at incorporating social solutions into schools, businesses, communities, organizations and court systems. Our goal is to share the philosophy with fidelity so you may implement restorative justice solutions in your schools. We welcome the opportunity to pass on the good work of many good people who have come before us.

We share our skills in restorative solutions to help you build personal emotional resilience in your students and staff…the ability to function competently, powerfully and peacefully when dealing with conflict or adversity. Emotionally resilient people have a specific set of attitudes concerning themselves and their role within the world that enables them to deal with life challenges more efficiently and effectively than their non-resilient peers. Our goal is to support you with the tools, techniques and skills you need to help your students and personnel deal with adversity of any kind in a resilient and peaceful manner.

Although there are varying degrees to a person’s ability to handle stress, resilient traits have common factors.

  • Perspective – evaluating situations accurately; seeing all aspects of a situation

  • Responsibility – being accountable for one’s actions

  • Support - resilient people tend to surround themselves with supportive friends and family in difficult times


People are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes in their behavior when they have attained a measure of emotional resilience. When those in authority do things “with” them, rather than “to” them or “for” them, it allows room to grow resilient traits. They learn to deal proactively with conflict and stress.

You’ll find our training an invaluable tool and the Kentucky Center for Restorative Justice a great source of information and networking. Allow us to begin your training soon.

Training Benefits Everyone

Q:    Who is the best person to train to work with students?
A:    Everyone who really cares about and believes in young people.
Q:    Who should be trained to work with students?
A:    Everyone who comes in contact with students.


Below are some who have taken the training. Can your school benefit? Contact Us.Our training is appropriate for everyone, in any setting. We encourage everyone who comes in contact with youth on a regular basis to become a skilled practitioner. You will greatly benefit from adaptive training. We offer an ever growing list of resources to help you create environments where conflicts and challenges are less likely to occur . . . and how to manage them if they do. Conflict is normal - it's how we handle it that matters!

  • Classroom teachers in infant, primary, secondary schools
  • Classroom teachers in special schools
  • Middle and senior managers of schools
  • Pupil support teams
  • School superintendents
  • Lunchtime supervisors
  • Residential care staff
  • Youth workers
  • Police school liaison officers
  • Local authority behavior support staff
  • Educational psychologists
  • Counselors
  • Youth offending service staff

Partner with us! Together, we can bring social innovation to Kentucky.

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