While challenge, conflict and crisis may be inevitable in life, at KCRJ we believe that what matters most are the attitudes, beliefs and values we adopt; the decision-making and communication skills we utilize; and the ability and willingness to make healthful, positive choices when such challenges arise. What matters most is how we deal with the crisis. 

To this end, the potential advantages of restorative approaches in the school setting can include:

  • A safer, more caring environment
  • A more effective teaching and learning environment
  • A greater commitment by everyone to take the time to listen to each other
  • A reduction in bullying and other interpersonal conflicts
  • A greater awareness of the importance of connectedness to young people.
  • The needs of youth  to belong and feel valued by peers and significant adults
  • Greater emphasis on responding to inappropriate behavior with methods that reconnect young people
  • Reductions in expulsions and suspensions
  • A greater confidence in the staff team to deal with challenging situations
  • A belief in the ability of young people to take responsibility for their choices and more people giving them opportunities to do so.

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