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An Immigration Services Division has been organized
within the Kentucky Center for Restorative Justice.

KCRJ advances social change for the growing immigrant population within Greater Lexington. We have forged strategic collaborations with local government, social service agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses to recognize and embrace the immigrant community. Through these partnerships, KCRJ is actively involved in bridging the gap to increase cooperation and understanding between the immigrant community and the region. Our joint civic project, with innovative programming, data collection and events of cultural significance, will crystallize in the near future. This vital project will improve the lives of international citizens and our community-at-large.

People come from all over the world to America and then to Kentucky for a better life. We work to raise awareness and provide community support that is vital for successful transition. As KCRJ continues its role to develop regional economic opportunities and raise awareness on behalf of the international community, fruitful ideas and activities will evolve. More information about specific aspects will become publicly available as the project evolves.

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