Immigration Resources

Immigrants are looking for help!
But the wrong help can hurt!

Avoid immigration scams. Make sure you get help from or refer immigrants to reputable sources. Forms and advice are available through the following official offices.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services is the national resource for the right information. The Citizenship Resource Center provides a "Web-based portal that centralizes citizenship resources for immigrants, educators and organizations. This free, easy-to-use website helps users better understand the naturalization process and gain the necessary skills to be successful during the naturalization interview and test."

"How Do I" Customer Guides

These guides answer questions regarding immigration benefits. You will find a Bilingual Resource Center if you need language assistance. Select the category below that applies to you.


The following Application Support Center(s) service Kentucky:

  • Charleston, WV.
    The address is: USCIS Application Support Center 4501 MacCorkle Avenue, SE Suite B Charleston, WV 25304.
  • Cincinnati, OH.
    The address is: USCIS Application Support Center 550 Main Street Room 1/524 Cincinnati, OH 45202-5298.
  • Louisville, KY.
    The address is: USCIS Application Support Center 601 West Broadway 6th Floor, Suite 636 Louisville, KY 40202-2250.
  • Nashville, TN.
    The address is: USCIS Application Support Center 1400 Donelson Pike, Suite B-13 Nashville, TN 37217



Contact information for the Louisville office

To visit this local office or to speak with an Immigration Officer, you must schedule an appointment using the USCIS INFOPASS appointment system.

Gene Snyder U.S. Courthouse and Custom House,
601 West Broadway, Suite 390
Louisville, KY 40202

Mailing Address
USCIS, Gene Snyder U.S. Courthouse and Custom House
601 West Broadway, Suite 390
Louisville, KY 40202.

Public Transportation
For directions by public transportation, call (502)585-1234.

Young Hispanic Porfessional

Follow the law to get to citizenship.
Be safe.
Avoid becoming a victim.
Help is available.

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