Who We Serve

If you think conflict is hard, try Restorative Justice!  It is a powerful and effective cooperative program that provides strategies, solutions and leadership for Kentucky citizens.  Rarely does one find a way to cross all boundaries of generation, religion, race and politics while making a solid economic impact on our state. KCRJ pulls together the social issues facing Kentucky citizens and helps resolve them for long-term positive results through restorative justice solutions.

How We Are Different

Restorative Justice is visionary work.  Restorative Justice also has historical proven results. So… at what point does the vision become reality? This is where KCRJ’s work begins. We are visionaries with an old-fashioned Kentucky pioneer spirit.

KCRJ is a resource and training center designed to unify voices searching for direction while providing a variety of justice services.

Who We Serve

Schools, Colleges, UniversitiesGovernmental Entities
Community OrganizationsFaith-Based Organizations
BusinessesLaw Enforcement
Probation and Corrections 

What We Do

Implement Innovative SolutionsProvide Investigative Services
Train Mediators & FacilitatorsProvide Mitigation Services
Educate ProfessionalsProvide Mediation Services
my KCRJ Professional AllianceProvide Justice Services


We   train community leaders to implement policies that have real impact on both the citizens and the economy.  Kentucky needs Restorative Justice leaders . . . just ordinary people like you with extraordinary determination.  No matter how good the vision is, a vision without action is just a dream.  Without highly trained and dedicated leaders to guide the process, Restorative Justice remains a dream … a vision… of what “can be.”  This is where your work begins. 

How You Are Different

Decision-makers like you are ready to jump-start the process by learning and implementing forward-thinking policies. Kentucky is full of talented, experienced and forward-thinking leaders ready to make an impact on society. By collaborating with your fellow professionals, you become a part of the spirit that drives our communities forward.  Life in Kentucky lends one a selfless pride in community that has traditionally and historically led Kentucky in new and exciting directions.

Jessica White, a 7th grade student at Fairview Middle School, recently won a Marathon-sponsored essay contest which included this description of Kentuckians’ “unbridled spirit”:

"People of Kentucky also have an unbridled helping spirit. You don't have to look far in my hometown of Ashland, Kentucky to find teamwork of a whole other kind. At each school, family resource centers are set up to help families less fortunate with clothing, school supplies, or food. Community kitchens, abuse shelters, homeless shelters, counseling centers, and clinics are an easily found part of our community. But beyond that, our people have a genuine spirit of generosity that comes, I believe, from having to work hard for what you have, so you appreciate it more and are more mindful of the needs of others. In my youth group at church and the civic club I belong to in school, I have never come across an individual who was not willing to lend a helping hand when called upon. That says a great deal about the truly important unbridled spirit of Kentucky: the spirit of kindness."

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