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During the past twenty years, the concept of restorative justice has taken root in the United States due to a number of factors. In Kentucky, as in other states, zero-tolerance policy in our schools is not working as it was intended. In fact, studies show it has had the opposite effect. Teachers and students are not happy in their present school environments. Victims want to be better served in the wake of crime. Offenders are looking for constructive ways to make amends. Communities seek innovative approaches to crime and wrongdoing. Criminal justice agencies want an additional tool. Restorative Justice has a proven positive track record now that shows creative leadership for all of these needs, even offering cost savings when compared to our costly criminal justice system.

KCRJ was created to bring that leadership to Kentucky through community advocacy. These are many signs that our communities are ready to consider offering a restorative solutions option. Here are some questions to ask yourself and others:

  • Have you sensed openness in your school system, the police department or local court system to new approaches?
  • Is there a core group of committed people who will help explore the viability of a restorative justice approach? (i.e. teachers, faith-based organizations, police department, attorneys, etc.)
  • Are there sources of financial support within your community (family foundations, faith groups, philanthropic individuals or businesses, a United Way or other agencies) that would help back the work?
  • What are the allied organizations in your community with whom a restorative justice effort might partner?
  • Are there service site locations in your community that might be open to placement of offenders who wish to make reparations?

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