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"If you think conflict is hard, try Restorative Justice." It’s our tagline. We chose it because we know that conflict is hard and has damaging results. We’ve seen it first-hand. Restorative Justice is even harder . . . as it entails change . . . implementing a new system from the ground up and diligently putting our collective "shoulders to the plow." But the results are healed spirits and healthy communities . . . well worth all the work. As President John F. Kennedy said, "Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures." When we change the momentum from destructive to constructive…we begin to see new growth.

Many people with shared passion and dedication have laid the groundwork, but there is still a long hill to climb for the rest of us to become effective leaders for restorative justice. After the pilot projects have been run, the reports written and the puzzle pieces finally fit together, the real work begins as we put these principles into action.

Kennedy urged each person to do one thing to make things better. So even though KCRJ is still a young and tender organization, our professional work and experience puts us in a unique position to provide an organizational base for professionals like you (and us) who are interested in restorative justice issues. It’s our “one-thing-to-do” that can help our community.

  • If you’re ready to spring into action but need answers to lots of questions….
  • If you need a "go-to place" to meet other like-minded professionals….
  • If you need support &encouragement for the real work of putting principles into action….
  • If you need resources from other professionals just like you who have already plugged into a "piece of the puzzle."
  • If you’re just curious about the work we do….
  • If you’re looking for a place to “make a difference”…..
  • If you’d like to be a founding member & receive other member benefits…including the newsletter…



myKCRJ envisions a network of professionals for the purpose of shared information and education. It will rest on our website and provide a home-base for members to communicate. Members will be asked to help cover administrative fees of the network with a small yearly membership fee.

As we build the network together, widening our base of membership, the alliance will become a volatile and innovative force for change. We will be able to get things done more quickly working together. We can reinforce the restorative justice message that if we collectively internalize good judgment, develop strong communication skills and adopt a strong moral position based on what is fair, rather than simply bowing to the superior strength of authority or social pressure, we can provide a catalyst for change.

Working collectively . . .  speaking with one voice, myKCRJ can be the state-wide voice that makes a difference. While many areas of support will take time to develop, the best place to start is at the beginning. Our key first steps are simple:

  • join together
  • organize
  • network
  • share



Professional fee $35 and Student/Volunteer fee $20.

To provide a shared professional learning and networking environment

All professionals, parents, administrators, students, volunteers, etc.

To learn from and support your peers; participate in and enjoy a professional network with the shared interest in restorative principles; support and attend activities when feasible.

The fee is a one-time annual deduction. There are no refunds but members are free to participate or not participate at will so you may choose (a) not to participate, and (b) choose not to renew your membership for the next year.

We will implement a “Members Only” section to the website. This area will contain as much information as we have currently available. You may contact us if you need further information.

Become a voice for restorative justice in Kentucky.

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