Our Values

Following Restorative Justice Guidelines KCRJ will:

  • Focus on crime against relationships rather than crime against the state.
  • Involve all victims, offenders and communities equally and respectfully in the justice process.
  • Empower all victims and communities by responding to their needs as they see them.
  • Encourage offenders to understand, accept, and carry out their obligations in a supportive environment that encourage lasting life changes.
  • Recognize that restitution for offenders should be achievable, not intended as punishment.
  • Support opportunities for appropriate dialogue, direct or indirect, between victim and offender.
  • Find relevant ways for community to deal with and respond to community based crime.
  • Encourage voluntary collaboration and reintegration of both victims and offenders.
  • Be mindful of unintended consequences of all actions and programs.
  • Respect all parties - victims, offenders, and colleagues, preserving the dignity of all people.
  • Implement KCRJ principles at every level of interaction, whether in a school setting or diversion program, during probation, in a detention, jail or prison setting, during and/or following parole or investigations.


KCRJ dedicates this website to you, a citizen and leader of Kentucky, as a means of networking, learning, sharing, and connecting with others who share a common interest in restorative justice and keeping up-to-date on training, technical assistance, and other resources and practices inside and outside Kentucky. Join now to receive the newsletter! Get involved!

Let's not do things becasue we must-lets do them because we choose them and they are right for us! 

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